Frugal Mom

My husband and I have been lobbying the idea of buying a house around.  We’ve gone down the “yes” path and the “no” path and the “I have no freaking idea if this is the right time path” and then we’ve gone down each of them one more time.  At the end of the day, once topic of conversation never seems to change.  Money.

We are incredibly wasteful when it comes to money.  Eating out?  Sure.   Drinking?  Sure.   Toys?  We have LOTS.  The things we don’t have, though, are zero debt-load, a savings account or an “emergency” fund.  The things that a family should really have.  We make enough money that having those things shouldn’t be an issue.  We should not be living pay cheque to pay cheque but for some reason we are.

This has made me stop and really think about the way we are valuing our dollar.  The dollar that we have to earn each and every day.  The dollar that we give up our freedoms and put up with other people’s crap for.  Why are we wasting it?  The answer?  Who knows.  I do know that it has to change. 

I listen to people around me dropping huge cash on toys, vacations, cars, etc and I want that too BUT I also want security. I want the ability to have a savings account and retire in comfort.  I want to be able to own my house and be happy in it.  I want to put my money to better use.

The decision to buy a house or remain where we are hasn’t really been made yet.  The mortgage people are ok with giving us a mortgage.  Our family is very supportive of us buying a house.  I don’t know if we’re really, truely ready to be homeowners yet.  We need to learn a few lessons.  We need to learn how to curb our spending appetites.  We need to learn how to simply say “we can’t afford that” and be ok with it.  That may be our hardest lesson.  Admitting we are chosing to use our money wisely instead of satisfying an immediate need.

I will keep you posted as to how our journey is going.  It’s not one we’ve ever been on before.  I imagine it’s going to be a tough go.  I imagine we’ll get in touch with some of our more basic joys.  There is nothing like sitting on a beach building sand castles with your kids – and it’s free. 

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