Fortune…not the cookie

I’ve had the fortune of experiencing different perspectives in the past while. Why fortune, you ask? I consider it fortune because it serves as a great reminder of our common threads through life and in the end brings home that fact that we are all human.

I am fortunate in that other people trust me with their most personal thoughts and will let me listen while they work through issues within their own lives. That affords me the opportunity to reflect and realize the good and the greatness that I’ve experienced throughout my time. I am happy that I am able to reassure my peers that they are worth more than they are getting. I am fortunate that I am able provide that reassurance only because I’ve been there. I’ve needed to hear those words and I vowed, if ever, that I was in a position where I realized someone else needed to hear those words that I would offer them. Loudly and whether or not the other party wanted to hear them.

I am fortunate that I am finally coming into my own as a woman and that I can recognize that and cherish the value in that. For so many years of my life I have fought with members of the female race, have competed, undermined and undervalued them but those years are behind me. I truly value the woman I have in my life. I am grateful for the connections that I’ve made and the connections that are to come.

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