2011 Recap

Around about this time of year I do a ‘year in review’ post so I suppose I should keep up on the tradition.

This year has been one of the most stressful, exhilarating and enlightening of my life. I have learned more about myself than I ever had hoped to and most of those lessons were hard ones to learn.

So a recap? We bought our first house, we dealt with infidelity, new jobs and relationship woes.

The major lesson learned in 2011 is that the person I thought I was is, in fact, not the person I am..

I have already chosen my man, actually some may say we are star crossed lovers, but this boy makes my world sane. I check the clock to see if he’s going to call or text, I think of stupid questions to ask him just to keep him on the phone for one more second, he is the man who has devoted his life to me for longer than I could possibly hope for. He’s been with me for almost 8 years now. And I have a hard time accepting that.

I have learned, this year, that I am far more vulnerable than I think I am. And I’m learning that it’s ok to be vulnerable. I’m realizing that tender and weak do not define me bit rather define moments in my life where I need more support than I might normally. I guess in a sense I’ve come to realize that I’m human and that’s ok too.

Overall, this year I’ve learned how to be honest. Sadly, it took 31 years to realize it but I now know what honesty looks like. It’s ugly and hard and unpleasant BUT do very liberating at the same time.

In past years I’ve promised to blog my journeys, promised to measure my growth through some ridiculous self-satisfactory blog-post limit but this year is going to be different.

My resolution for this year is to be honest and to continue on this path of growth and self-realization. It’s not an easy path but it’s a rewarding one.

So, happy 2012 folks. This may be the end of our days as we know them. Maybe they won’t be. Either way, I am going to approach 2012 as the best iteration of myself that I know how to be.

To all those that have helped me along this journey, thank you. Thank you for helping me walk down my life path, thank you for helping me to morph into the best version of me that I can be. Salut!

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