Weekly Peek: Clear thoughts lead to clear actions

Clear thoughts lead to clear actions.  That is the end line in my horoscope (which I firmly believe in, I’ll have you know).  It appears that the end line changes each week.  In an effort to stay true to the path that I am on, I have decided that each week I’ll craft a “weekly peek” post that is based around my end line in my horoscope.

Clear thoughts lead to clear actions.  What does that even mean?  It sounds like some hippy dippy mumble jumble but it’s not…not really.  I have rarely taken the time to mull something over in my head, toss it this way and that, examine all the angles, question them and draw conclusions.  I’m more the type to make a snap decision and run with it. I am slowly painfully changing that.  Introspective in training, peeps.

Life has thrown a couple of curve balls in the last little while that really makes me stop and think.  Think clearly about what it is I’m supposed to learn because there is obvi something here for me to learn.  I’ve concluded that consequences may be the trend right now.  In the past, I engaged in behaviour with very little thought to the end result and/or the consequence to those actions.  For some reason, I believed that my consequences would be different, you know because I lurve having my cake and eating it too (and dictating EXACTLY what that cake will be).  Recently I watched two people who are close to me go through similar situations but I felt that the consequences didn’t match the situation.  I feel like the gravity or rather the seriousness of their situations was lost on them.  Then epiphany slapped me in the mutherf!#@!$ face!  That is probably how so many people who have cared for me over the years have felt.  The people I hurt with the feelings I ran down all probably felt that my consequences weren’t great enough.  So why did I think that I was so very different from the rest of the world?

Easy. Because I wasn’t thinking clearly.  Without clear thoughts, my actions were muddled as well.  Holy Hannah Batman!  I think we’ve stumbled upon something here!  Without taking the time to really think things through, to understand the motivations and desires of the underlying current, how could I have acknowledged that my actions would be tainted as well?  I don’t think I could have.  Ah ha (see, there really IS a “ah ha” moment)…clear thoughts lead to clear actions.

Clarity of thought to me now means, mulling a thought over and making sure that my intentions are clean and clear.  Thinking it through to make sure that I understand the base reason why that thought even entered my mind in the first place.  So repeat after me: Clear thoughts lead to clear actions.

ps…you’ll probably see the whole consequences thing end up in a rant rock post…just sayin’

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