**This is an older post I was drafting and forgot to publish.  I do love the words and still relate to them

I am a girl.  I don’t fancy myself a princess-y type.  I’m not a needy girl, I can entertain myself, I make my own money, I take care of the shit I gotta take care of.  I like make up and fancy clothes but not every day.  I don’t need, or want, diamonds or rings or expensive things.  I have a hard time relating to some women…the ones who seek out drama, brow beat their men into submission, or need someone to entertain them, fawn over them, etc. I can figure my own shit out.  Thanks tho.


There are times when I wish I could be a fragile girl.  Just once, I wish I could be a soft woman who could curl into the comfort of her protector and blindly trust.  I wish I had just one protector I could count on; one I could unconditionally trust.  A protector that could ease my burden of hurt for even just a moment so I can feel the relief of that missing weight.  Trust that that soul would protect me, defend me, keep me safe, and take just one blow so I don’t have to.  Just even one time.


That isn’t the way my world works.  I am a protector.  I protect the people I love.  I take the blows so they don’t have to.  I put my walls up, guard my heart and plow forward.  I’ll take those that need it into my arms and I will love and protect them fully. I will ask for nothing in exchange.  I will continue to be the safety net I so desperately wish for.

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