This material is from an archived blog that I had titled “Highway to Well”.  The name actually comes from the wellness activities group in my workplace but I think it’s very fitting. 

Band Wagons and Baby Steps

Normally when I go silent on the internet, it means that I’ve fallen off the band wagon in a hard way. This time, not so much. I’ve been silent but I’ve been busy.  I’m helping my Mom decorate her house, which involves planning and painting and planning and painting.  It’s good though because there is some hidden exercise in there.  Moving furniture, painting walls.  It’s a good thing. 

I have been so good with my food lately.  I’m actually really proud of myself.  I have resisted the cravings for crappy food.  I have made healthy decisions and I have been rewarded.  I am down two more pounds.  This is not fad dieting peeps, just sensible eating and healthy choices.

It’s so encouraging to see a difference on the scales finally.  I have noticed that my clothes are all hanging just a little different and I’ve certainly noticed that my rings are getting bigger my hands are getting smaller and I’ve noticed that I look and feel less bloated.

This is a really good start for me.  Now I’ve got to ramp it up.  I know i posed the 8 week challenge to myself and I’m not about to let it drop.  I have been smacked square in the head with a nasty cold so I’m not going to rush my body into being fatigued like crazy either.  I’m going to focus on my food, focus on making healthy choices (stairs vs elevator) and really get into a routine with that stuff instead of getting all gung-hoe on everything all at once.  These are my baby steps.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just cause I said I would…

You remember me mentioning the Monday that was supposed to be mine? The one that was supposed to start @ 5:30 am followed quickly with some yoga at 6:00 am, well it actually turned into me not getting up until 7:15 am, cursing the small family of pik-miners that took up residence in my throat.

Yup, gotta love waking up to a lovely summer head cold. It’s a great way to start the week. Not. Having a throat that feels like it’s filled with shards of glass, a headache that just won’t quit and a faucet for a nose does not do wonders for the motivation. Actually it pretty much puts it out to pasture. The only benefit (which probably isn’t even a benefit) is that I don’t feel like eating either. Actually what I feel like doing is putting on my flannel (yes, flannel) jammies, climbing into my nice big bed and snoozing the day away with some tea.

Instead, I’m sitting at work trying not to fall asleep, dealing with a pickle-headed co-worker and trying to muster up the energy to go for my 12:30 walk. I did overcome the not eating thing though, I had my breakfast and I had my snack. I’ll eat my lunch and I’ll go through the motions. Early bedtime tonight, I’d like this kick this cold’s ass. Quickly.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Winning. Duh.

Weekends are usually pretty tough for me. I slid from my regular routine of clock-watched eating and the day gets away from me and POOF! I haven’t kept up with my meal plan, my diet plan OR my exercise plan. The weekends when the kids are away are particularly tough, at least when they are home I have to maintain at least a bit of a routine.

Well today was a little different. Not only did I start my day with a nice breaky of scrambled eggs, a little bacon and strawberries, I talked myself out of pizza for dinner. The sun sapped all of my energy, there is only two of us for dinner and I didn’t feel like cooking. Normally, I would have given in very easily and just ordered pizza. Once that pizza arrived, I would have eaten WAY too much of it.

I didn’t do that today. I hauled my lazy arse to the kitchen and started cooking. Earlier this week, I planned out our meals for the week so the best part of this (and probably my saving grace) was that I didn’t have to *think* about what I was going to make. I already knew and I knew I had all the ingredients in my fridge.

So for supper my husband and I had a lovely meal of prawns in red curry with a slew of mixed veggies. Yum! Oh, the second best thing? Our lunches for tomorrow are already measured and made.
The other bonus to having supper at home where I could measure what was going into it? Having my 1 serving of root beer float ice-cream. Yes, it was measured. Yes, it was smaller than I would have normally taken BUT it tasted just as good and I felt good about my choices.

On to tomorrow – hiking with good friends, dinner and a movie. Sounds good to me!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Challenge Smallenge

I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge…until recently. Or maybe it hasn’t been recent, maybe it’s just recently I’ve noticed. There was a time where if there was a competition to be had, you’d be sure to find me there. Maybe the competitiveness of my spirit wasn’t always a good thing, having a little bit of that determination is going to be required over the next little while.

Why? You may ask…well…

Because I’ve decided to pose a challenge to myself. An 8 week challege that is certain to rock my world. It’s hard. It’s intense. It’s regular and it might just kick my butt but the point is, I’m going to do it. I’m going to make this non-negotiable to myself. Yup, I’m gonna get tired. Yup, I’m gonna become bitchy and unbearable but that’ll be short-term *fingers crossed*. I haven’t quite decided on my reward yet, either clothes, spa day or more ink. I’ll think on that and come up with something by Monday. Monday is the day people. Monday is my day.

You might ask, also, what happens if you don’t follow through? Well, I’ll publicly announce it. Every. Single. Day. Have I ever mentioned that public humililation really, really bugs me? Yeah, don’t like that much…

Another challenge? Getting through the weekend. I find weekends incredibly difficult. I forget to eat, I don’t exercise, I drink WAY too much…it’s usually a disaster. I’ll try to keep up with this over the weekend but it’s supposed to be a beautiful one so I’m not sure how much time I’m going to be spending indoors 😀

My 8-Week Challenge:

6:00 am: (Yes, that says 6:00 am!!!) Yoga
12:30 pm:
Brisk walk/ 25 mins
7:00 pm:
Monday – Swimming/ Tuesdays – Running program/ Wednesdays – Strength/ Thursdays – Running program/ Friday – Strength/ Saturday – Running Program/ Sunday – Blissful Rest day

I haven’t found a really good beginners running program yet but I will.

On your mark, get set *gulp*, GO! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Signs in Life

“Once, we were you. We were sluggish. We were tired. We were stuck. We were ashamed of what we’d become, embarrassed by how we looked, worried about how we felt. We wanted more from ourselves and more out of life.”

This excerp was taken from the Body-for-LIFE website and it sums up exactly how I feel. I am so tired of feeling like I’m not quite the best I can be.

Another bit, from their website, that really hit home with me is:

“Sometimes people aren’t willing to give up something to get something. But you have to. When it comes to working out, if you have a conflicting schedule or something else to do in the morning, get up earlier.”

This is so true! I have found a million and one excuses in the past not to go for a walk, not to swim, not to exercise in whatever form. I’ve been able to justify that extra helping of whatever it is I’m eating and or drinking. And now I’m really taking a look at my actions and thinking well, crap if only I hadn’t .

The craptastic part of this is, I can’t go back and change the things I’ve done. The beautiful part is I can certainly change what I do going forward. I refuse to be unhealthy any longer. I refuse to make me feel bad about the things that I do and don’t do. I just have to understand the consequences and own them.

I am going to remove “I am not allowed” from my vocabulary, because really, who says I can’t? I can eat cake, candy and drink beer till the cows come home BUT I will also reap the *ahem* rewards(?) of those choices. Sure, I can have popcorn at the movies BUT I can’t have the biggest size and it also means that I will be parking in the farthest spot and taking the stairs. Those are my options, those are my choices and they’re mine to make.

I guess the long and short of it is, there are no short-cuts, there are no miracle cures, and it doesn’t matter how many fad diets I follow the only way I am going to be in the healthest, best body for me is through hard work. Sensible eating, routine exercise and healthy choices.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Road Well Travelled

I am a seasoned traveller when it comes to the road of weight loss and the struggles that come along with it. I’ve been anorexic and now am obese so I’ve seen every state along the way. I think it’s suffice to say that my real struggle is my relationship with food. It’s been a love/ hate relationship, that’s for sure. Now I’m on the road to learning how to appreciate and enjoy my food but in a healthy way.

Too often food becomes the focus of our social events, the focus of our planning, and the focus of our lives. I think this incredible focus is part in parcel of what makes weight loss so difficult. You can’t get away from it. There are so many conflicting messages out in the world about what’s good, what’s required, what the human body needs to survive that it all becomes very overwhelming and that sweet tea is starting to holler your name.

The challenge I have to myself is to really get on track. I am up against the wall in terms of health issues, weight issues and body image issues. These are all things I’ve dealt with in the past just from the other side of the fence. I do have the tools to correct body image, take preventative measures for my health and get this weight under control once and for all.

My brother said to me, it takes will power. I agree and disagree. Will power alone is not enough. Weight loss and general wellness takes perseverance, focus and strength of spirit. It requires honesty, self-reflection and motivation.

I know I have all of these things in me. I know I can do this. I know, that for once in my life, I can achieve true health.

This blog is intended to be a place where I can vent, rant and celebrate the tough times, the high times and the inevitable low times. It’s a place I want to share.

My middle is somewhere between “Too Small” and “Too Big”

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