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Weekly Peek: I will strive for balance in all that I do

Balance.  What does balance mean?  I mean really, really mean, not like the webster definition.


To that – I have no answer.  I have no answer because I don’t know what “having balance” means.  I don’t know how to attain it.  I don’t even know where to begin. Does balance mean the amount of time I keep for myself and the time I give away to others?  Does balance mean being able to love wholly and be loved wholly? Without reservation?  Does balance mean a healthy dose of healthy and unhealthy living?  If so, how does one go about changing just about every aspect of their lives in hopes of achieving “balance”?

The fact that I don’t have balance, don’t know how to achieve balance, don’t even know where to begin…probably means I need shift my priorities and start learning “balance”.   Physical balance – health and enjoyment.  Spiritual balance – believing and questioning.  Emotional balance – feeling but not consuming.  Mental balance – responding but not reacting. 

Actually, maybe I do know what balance is…but I still don’t know where to start.

What does balance mean to you?

Being de-throned

It’s a hard thing to be the person people depend on. Being that one that is reliable, the one who knows things, the one who can do everything.

It’s even harder when that stops. When you’ve been, done and managed everything for everyone and suddenly you’re tossed aside like yesterday’s bread? It’s tough it’s tough on the psychi, it’s hard on the ego. Going from centre stage to the nose bleed section really beats on you. I thought I would have an easier time adjusting but apparently that’s not the case. Apparently my ego’s feeling a little bruised. It’s a lesson hard-learned. But a lesson none-the-less.