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Imagination Station

Every now and again, the itch to get the words circling in my head onto paper becomes a little too intense and I have no choice but to let those words flow out.  Often the word depict how I’m feeling, issues I’m struggling to work out, or something that is really really chapping my ass; however, there are times when it’s a bit different.  From time to time, I will use words to describe the images that randomly pop into my head.  I recently was scrolling through my journal app and decided maybe it’s time to share the more creative side of my writing.  So here goes nothing…a couple of short, very short, little somethings I wrote a while back:

The Warrior

A storm is brewing.  Tiny breezes gathering strength, organizing their currents and transforming into the great winds of change. They are brewing for battle.

She sites and watches the wind pick up.  Her mouth flicks up into a subtle smirk as she knows these winds well.  They will soon be calling for her.  Calling her to battle.

She looks at her reflection, dark wings relaxed, contented look upon her face, battle scars faded.  Dusty armor still strong and ready to protect the being contained within it.  Her weapons sharp and at the ready.

She stands, flexes and cocks a listening ear to the wind.  It is picking up speed.  Fierce and chaotic, her time is coming and her smirk slowly shifts to an all knowing smile.

She shall be called soon.  She stretches her wings, stands to her full height and starts the preparations for the challenges ahead.

Beyond the Veil

I feel her swirling beyond the veil
Knowing her time shall come again

A knowing smirk has settled upon her face
One she wears with unsettling grace
She tickles my soul with her black tipped wings
Itching to wrap them around me, engulfing my in her presence

She quietly says my name
She whispers reminders of who she is
What she is
And of what can and will be again

I feel her swirling beyond the veil
She is my darkness
And she is coming to take what is hers

The Screen

The screen before me taunts me.  The glaring white space and the little blinking line are simply reminders that I have lost touch with how and where to begin.  The words once flowed out of me like a silken string being spun from nothing but now they get bogged down.  Too many words, too many thoughts all trying to race for first place.  To make that white space disappear and be filled with prose and moments of wisdom.

The screen before me taunts me.  The screen before me is a place where I can settle the internal storm that rages within. It is a place where I can relieve some of the pressure building within my soul.  It is a place where I can open the flood gates and navigate my way through the torrents of torment that I carry in my heart.

The screen before me taunts me.  It offers sweet release that stays just at my finger tips.  It offers promises of a calmer day, a calmer moment, a quieter peace.

The screen taunts me because it knows I’m lost.